B2B Experts Community Digest: Digital CX management in B2B (April, 2024)

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In this digest we introduce an update of Digital customer experience (CX) management in B2B collection.

Winning CX Competition In B2B Digital Commerce (with abstract) from Forbes explores successful customer experience strategies for B2B firms. It highlights the importance of measuring CX quality, addresses increasing customer expectations influenced by B2C trends, and underscores the necessity of omnichannel integration for maintaining a competitive edge in digital commerce. (Forbes, 2024)

Customer Experience enters the B2B battlefield (with abstract) by Deloitte Digital is a meticulously organized and informative resource that delves into the significance of customer experience in B2B competition, including industries such as oil, gas, and chemicals. It is essential reading for those involved in driving digital commerce within B2B organizations. (Deloitte, 2021).

Elevating Customer Experience in B2B Ecommerce (with abstract) by All Commerce is Digital provides an in-depth analysis of digital customer experience, focusing on the customer journey. It explores areas like customer onboarding, product discovery, and detailed product content. Readers can leverage these insights to create a superior B2B e-commerce customer experience for competitive advantage. (All Commerce is Digital, 2023).

Understanding B2B Customer Experience: Best Practices for Improvement (with abstract) by Virto Commerce provides an extensive analysis of various aspects of B2B digital customer experience, highlighting its distinctions from B2C CX, key trends, and effective practices for enhancing B2B customer experience management within organizations (Virto Commerce, 2024).

New research on B2B CX: Drive strong relationships and revenues through the new B2B (report) from Deloitte Digital explores how B2B customers seek similar CX to their personal shopping experiences. It details how leading B2B organizations prioritize CX in digital transformations, showcasing successful strategies and capabilities that meet evolving customer expectations. (Deloitte, 2023).

Younger Generations Are Shaking Up B2B Buying — Are You Prepared? (with abstract) by Forrester discusses the influence of generational shifts on B2B buying and the corresponding impact on customer experience requirements. Understanding the characteristics of younger buyers is crucial for B2B success, as demonstrated by the growing demand for digital commerce and the success of companies delivering superior digital customer experiences to young B2B buyers. (Forrester, 2024).

B2B Portal: An Online Shop Or A Business Web App? (with abstract) by Forbes discloses the specific of B2B customer experience and explains how it may differ from B2C customer experience. Critical mistakes leading to poor B2B CX are collected in the article and analysed in details. The article explains the difference between bad practice of offering B2C features for B2B customers and good practice of providing them a B2C level of comfort (Forbes, 2023).

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