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The mission of the Virto Commerce team is to help clients resolve the challenges of digital transformation in the B2B commerce area.

We recognize that technology is only part of the solution. For the reasonable use of technology, business expertise in the B2B digital commerce area is required, which allows you to determine the right business goals and set the right tasks for the technology.

B2B digital commerce is a complex, rapidly developing discipline. There are no established business practices in the market yet. The market is growing and changing rapidly. Many ideas, concepts, hypotheses constantly appear and disappear, which merge into a polyphonic noise, amplified a thousandfold by marketing publications retelling each other, occupying the top lines of search engine results.

We see that many companies feel a significant lack of business competencies that would help them effectively manage digital transformation in the B2B commerce area.

To help our clients, we are constantly increasing our expertise in B2B digital commerce and related areas. To effectively accumulate and share knowledge we have launched an internal system for collecting and sharing materials for experts who help our clients develop B2B digital commerce.

We focused on collecting, organizing, and reviewing materials that support decision making in B2B digital business building. First of all, we collect materials from trusted sources and thought leaders, such as McKinsey, Deloitte and others.

We focus on materials that help solve problems posed by business representatives, and not on questions about technology. For this reason, we refused to publish materials about any digital commerce platforms (including Virto). At the same time, we encourage the addition of quality materials published by other vendors if they talk about solving business problems.

As this project developed, we realized that currently it is the lack of business expertise in the B2B digital commerce area that is the main limiting factor for the market. We would like to contribute to changing the situation.

Thus, we decided to gradually transfer the accumulated knowledge base to the public knowledge platform B2B Experts Wiki, which is available to everyone. As content is published, we will work to improve the organization and overview of content to make it useful to outside contributors.

We have also created a contribution mechanism through which any experts can offer materials, links to which should be added to the collections on the portal. See the B2B Expert Wiki Contribution Policy to know more about it.

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