B2B Digital Commerce In Pharmaceuticals Industry

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The value chain of The pharmaceutical industry is characterized by manufacturers with large resources and market power who are primarily focused on working with HCPs (healthcare professionals) that influence the final demand for drugs.

According to our experience B2B relationships with distributors, wholesalers, pharmacies, clinics, etc. characterized by complex contracts and restrictions that results in high transaction costs.

Because of this, the current priority for B2B digital commerce solutions is often seen as reducing transaction costs rather than improving the B2B buyer customer experience, as in many other industries. In many countries industry-specific marketplaces are well developed, which can be owned simultaneously by several vendors and used as a common sales channel in B2B.

Manufacturers are experimenting with direct-to-consumer (D2C) model. It is caused not only by the desire to increase margins by eliminating unnecessary links from the chain (which is not always possible due to a large number of legislative restrictions), but also by an attempt to respond to the emerging challenge of channel fragmentation, caused by the growth of the precision medicines segment, the number of very expensive drugs and other specific market changes.

Obviously, these changes will significantly change the vision of digital commerce role in new distribution channels.

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