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B2B Experts community constantly works on delivering new articles collections that facilitate members in their business decision making. Below you can see a collections update roadmap that states when collections are going to be created or updated during next months.

We regularly inform our members about new and updated categories.

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B2B Experts Roadmap for the next 3 months



  1. Update collection "AI (update)"
  • Add collection " Supplier onboarding"
  • Add collection "Tech debt business impact and management"


B2B Experts: Backlog

  1. Update collection B2B digital commerce strategy (update)
  2. Add collection Group purchasing organization / GPO (under construction)
  3. Add collection "PunchOut vs Procurement"
  4. Add collection "Digital commerce in Beverage industry"
  5. Add collection "Government marketplaces"
  6. Add collection "Payments in B2B (under construction)"
  7. Update collection "D2C model (update)"
  8. Add collection "Talents management in digital"
  9. Add collection "AI for digital commerce efficiency"
  10. Add collection "Digital commerce at multinationals"
  11. Add collection "Digital commerce budgeting"
  12. Add collection "Channel conflict"
  13. Add collection "Digital commerce scaling"
  14. Add collection "Change management and digital commerce"
  15. Add collection "Digital commerce impact on customer retention"
  16. Add collection "Differentiating online in B2B"
  17. Update collection "B2b marketplaces (update)"
  18. Update collection "Marketplace (update)"
  19. Update collection "B2B model (update)"
  20. Add collection "Personalization (under construction)"
  21. Update collection Public sector (update)
  22. Update collection "Search management in digital commerce (update)"
  23. Add collection "Cloud transformation (under construction)"
  24. Add collection "Digitize route to market (under construction)"
  25. Add collection Digital commerce in telco (under construction)
  26. Add collection Digital route to market (under construction)
  27. Update collection "Omnichannel Experience (Under construction)"
  28. Add collection "B2B digital commerce in FMCG"
  29. Update collection "B2B digital commerce in pharmaceuticals (update)"
  30. Update collection Digital customer experience in B2B (update)

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