Why digital trust truly matters (with abstract)

Article published by McKinsey and reviewed by Nikolay Sidelnikov
Why digital trust truly matters (with abstract)
Published ByArticles by McKinsey
Publish DateSeptember 12, 2022
AuthorsJim Boehm, Liz Grennan, Alex Singla, and Kate Smaje
Topics Data management
Article Sizewords
Downloadable VersionYes
Page OwnerNikolay Sidelnikov
Summary AuthorNikolay Sidelnikov


The article Why digital trust truly matters by the McKinsey team presents a result of a survey of more than 1,300 business leaders and 3,000 consumers globally suggest that establishing trust in products and experiences that leverage AI, digital technologies, and data not only meets consumer expectations but also could promote growth.

The survey contains numbers and infographics that illustrate the role of digital trust in a modern world. Key findings are:

  • Consumers value digital trust
  • Consumers believe that companies establish a moderate degree of digital trust
  • Most businesses are failing to protect against digital risks

Full article text: https://www.mckinsey.com/capabilities/quantumblack/our-insights/why-digital-trust-truly-matters

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