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B2B Experts Wiki is a public knowledge platform whose purpose is to educate and help B2B companies in digital transformation. Read more here on how to use it.

B2B Experts Wiki is a non-profit project that is supported by a community of companies and individuals. The knowledge platform contains links to articles, books, and other materials that are published by thought leaders, such as McKinsey, Deloitte, and others. A strict publishing policy creates a powerful filter that guarantees that only valuable assets get to the platform: no SEO articles no selling materials.  B2B Experts Wiki is constantly growing due to contributions by community members and external contributors.

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About collection types

By business model By topic By source

Each collection in this classification reflects to some digital commerce model which is applied by the company.

For example, if you are a manufacturer and you are selling B2B only, the B2B model collection might be useful for you. If you are a manufacturer and thinking about selling to your consumers directly, you may check D2C model collection. If you are thinking about transforming your B2B portal to a B2B marketplace, the Marketplace collection would be useful.

Here assets are grouped by well recognizable topics or digital commerce disciplines which might be in the focus of a decision maker and, probably, not be related strictly to one business model. For example, Digital customer experience management in B2B or AI might be used in very different contexts in digital commerce, so we have dedicated collections for these topics.

If some asset is talking, for example, about Digital customer experience management in B2B in B2B model context, it will be visible in both collections.

This portal is an aggregator of assets that are created and/or distributed by other players. In "By source" collection we accumulated links to all asset pages grouped by asset source. So, on Articles by McKinsey page you can see all the articles published by Articles by McKinsey that our team found, checked, classified, and indexed.

Some publishers do not generate that much content, so we are not ready to create a dedicated collection for each of them. Assets from these sources are in the Other sources collection.

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