B2B Marketplace

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Over the past year, we have seen a steady increase in interest in the topic of B2B digital marketplaces from companies operating in a variety of markets.

Some companies clearly articulate that they are considering building a B2B marketplace as an extension of their core B2B business.

Others see the potential of creating a B2B marketplace from scratch, suggesting that there is more than enough room in the market for new players of this type.

Still others are looking for the opportunity to implement marketplace scenarios in such areas as eProcurement, internal trading and group purchasing; they do not always realize that the solution being designed is only a special case of a B2B marketplace, and should be based on exactly the same technologies and approaches, only slightly adapted to specific scenarios.

All of these companies (as well as those who have already launched their B2B marketplace and are now actively developing it) are faced with some lack of information on this topic. To close this gap, we are launching a new thematic collection on the B2B Experts Wiki dedicated to B2B digital marketplaces.