B2B Expert Wiki Contribution Policy

A public knowledge platform on B2B digital commerce

Why contribute

Purpose of B2B Experts Wiki knowledge platform is to simplify work with valuable information that is related to digital transformation and related topics. Contributed links will be added to appropriate collections and later a review or summary might be added to it.

  • This guarantees that the contributor can easily find a contributed article, podcast, or video on the platform when he needs it.
  • Contributed items will be described and classified to make it easier to work with.
  • It will be easy to find other assets related to the same topic.
  • Other people will get access to the materials you provide and will be grateful.

Contribution User Guide

If you know an asset that match our B2B Experts Wiki Publishing Policy that might be useful for other community members, that would be a good idea to submit a contribution request, so that B2B Experts Wiki team could evaluate it and add to the knowledge platform.

Here are a few simple steps to do that.

  1. Read B2B Experts Wiki Publishing Policy to make sure that the suggested asset fits it.
  2. Go to the webform and submit the link to the asset. Please take into account that we ask for some contact information and a brief explanation about the value of an asset that you are submitting.
  3. B2B Experts Wiki team evaluates the submission (it would normally take nearly two weeks).
  4. When the asset is evaluated, the B2B Experts Wiki team informs you about the results. In case of success, the link to the relevant page on the knowledge platform would be provided, or brif feedback would be provided if the submission was rejected.

By contributing you accept the following Contributor License Agreement.

Contributor License Agreement

Grant of Copyright and Patent License

Thank you for your interest in contributing to B2B Experts Wiki ("Wiki").

Why Contributor License Agreement (“CLA”)? Virto requires CLA in order to mitigate the risk to us and to our community of accepting contributions that violate intellectual property rights of others. By filling and submitting the below form, you agree that the following terms apply to all of your past, present and future Contributions.

"Contribution" is any original work of authorship, including any source code, object code, bug fixes, data, feedback and information, or any modifications or additions to an existing work that you submit or have submitted, in any form and in any manner, to Virto for possible inclusion in Virto's software.

You hereby grant to Virto and to recipients of the software distributed by Virto a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, transferable, free-of-charge, royalty-free, irrevocable copyright and patent license to reproduce, prepare derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, sublicense (including through multiple tiers of sublicensees), and distribute your present and future Contributions and such derivative works. You hereby waive, and agree not to assert, your rights, including “moral rights” in or relating to your Contributions for the benefit of Virto, its assigns, and their respective direct and indirect sublicensees.

You represent that you are the sole author of your Contributions and are legally entitled to grant the foregoing licenses and waivers in respect of your Contributions. Your Contributions are provided on an "AS IS" basis without any explicit or implied warranties, and you are not required to provide support for your Contributions.

You acknowledge that Virto is under no obligation to use or incorporate your Contributions into any of Virto software. Decision to use or incorporate your Contributions into any of the Virto software shall be made by Virto in its sole decision.

You agree that Virto may assign this CLA, and all of its rights, obligations and licenses hereunder.