The innovation-sparking ecommerce data most distributors ignore (with abstract)

Article published by [[Digital_Commerce_360 |Digital Commerce 360]] and reviewed by Nikolay Sidelnikov

The innovation-sparking ecommerce data most distributors ignore (with abstract)
Published By[[Digital Commerce 360]]
Publish DateMar 31, 2023
AuthorsJason Hein
Topics Data management
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The article The innovation-sparking eCommerce data most distributors ignore by Jason Hein is devoted to the importance of customers’ behavioral data in B2B, that promises a path to innovation in customer experience design.

The author emphasizes the fact that currently distributors are focused primarily on the constant improvement of product data, rightly believing that it is high-quality product information that ensures high conversion. Of course, the quality of product data is important, but such a laser-focused approach leads to the fact that the most valuable data source to B2B companies is missed: the behavioral data of customers.

Aggregating buyer behavior data, like "Customers who bought also bought" widgets, and tailoring recommendations to the user’s role or industry enhances accuracy by focusing on actions over words. This approach is crucial for creating unique customer experiences and offers distributors a path to true innovation, helping them stay ahead of competitors.

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