B2B Experts Community Digest: AI in B2B digital commerce (May, 2024)

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This digest introduces an update on the AI in B2B digital commerce collection.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the e-commerce landscape. With the increasing availability of innovative technologies, new possibilities for their utilization are emerging. However, along with these advancements, our expectations are also escalating, sometimes needing valid justification.

This AI articles collection update aims to provide comprehensive training material to enhance our understanding of AI capabilities while also highlighting its limitations in specific areas, such as digital catalog taxonomy design.

The extensive article High Touch vs. High Tech: How AI Helps Distributors With B2B Ecommerce Sales (with abstract) by Bloomreach describes in details how distributors can use AI in their B2B eCommerce solutions to support and scale so-called High Touch approach. This article would be especially interesting for B2B eCommerce specialists because it is not limited to a description of possible AI capabilities but describes how this technology might be embedded into the business strategy of a particular value chain segment - B2B distributors (Bloomreach, 2023).

Generative AI for Taxonomy Creation (with abstract) by taxonomy expert Heather Hedden, published by Enterprise Knowledge, contains the analysis of generative AI applicability for taxonomy creation. Efficient management of the catalog taxonomy is a well-known eCommerce challenge that is especially important in the era of digital marketplaces. The author identifies the strengths and weaknesses of generative AI in the context of taxonomy creation and points out where these tools might be utilized and what risks they cause. The article would be helpful for experts who are responsible for digital commerce catalog design and CX designers (Enterprise Knowledge, 2024).

Enhancing B2B online search through AI-driven innovation (with abstract) published by the B2B eCommerce Association in January of 2024, explains some mechanisms of innovative search systems in the B2B context. The article highlights the evolving landscape of B2B (business-to-business) online purchasing and the importance of advanced search systems in meeting the complex needs of customers. It emphasizes the role of machine learning and AI in revolutionizing outcomes in B2B e-commerce (B2B eCommerce Association, 2024).

The webinar Is ChatGPT the New Site Search in B2B eCommerce? (video, with abstract) hosted by the MasterB2B team focuses on exploring the question, "Could ChatGPT replace traditional site search?" The session features participation from two teams of industry experts engaging in this discussion. On team Site Search: Brooke Logan, Director of Product Management at Genuine Parts Company, and Subrata Chakrabarti, VP of Product Marketing at Algolia. On Team ChatGPT: Akash Srivastava, Innovation Leader at HP, and Colin Cronin, Director of Digital & eCommerce Channels at Leica Biosystems (MasterB2B, 2023).

AI-Powered Ecommerce (with annotation) is the book that serves as the definitive guide for professionals seeking to grasp and harness the transformative power of AI. It provides a comprehensive blueprint for comprehending and leveraging AI's capabilities to give your business the competitive edge it needs. This book is designed to facilitate the exploration of AI's strategic implications for online businesses (Michael Vax, 2023).

4 ways AI will reshape B2B commerce (with abstract) by Patrick McGovern, as published by Digital Commerce 360, provides an in-depth exploration of the significant transformations anticipated in B2B commerce resulting from rapid advancements in artificial intelligence (AI). The article outlines the transformation of B2B procurement from traditional catalog models to AI-powered recommendation engines, discusses the emergence of AI-driven trade credit management utilizing dynamic data for faster underwriting, and other related topics (Digital Commerce 360, 2024).

How to leverage AI in B2B eCommerce (with abstract) is a large article by Divante. It is focused on exploring the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on B2B eCommerce, highlighting how AI solutions can significantly benefit the B2B environment with its own set of rules, challenges, and expectations. The article delves into the unique needs and challenges of implementing AI in B2B, offering insights into tools and strategies that businesses should consider to achieve substantial results in this sector (Divante, 2024).

How AI Will Be A Powerful Enabler In B2B E-Commerce (with abstract) is published by Forbes and devoted to exploring the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in driving advancements and efficiencies within B2B eCommerce and suggests the classification of AI tools in B2B eCommerce context. The author emphasizes major types of AI tools like Generative AI, Analytics AI, and AI Assistants and describes the purpose of each (Forbes, 2024).

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